In 2015, I had reached the heaviest weight of my life. I finally decided enough was enough and began what I thought was a journey with health and fitness. It turned out, though, to be so much more than that. It turned out to be a journey toward self-care, time-management, and holistic health.

Since then, I have been on a journey to heal my whole self: Body, Mind &Soul. This blog started as a way to share recipes and fitness tips with my friends and family. It has grown to become a place where I can honestly track the ups and downs of my weight, explore my past and dream of my future.

I am a work-in-progress, but every day I’m becoming a healthier version of me . . . In my body, mind and soul.

Healthy Motivated Life | Self-Care Time-Management & Holistic Health

What’s with the Zest for Life?

I explained in more detail back in January 2017 what the phrase “Zest for Life” means to me. The short version is, I believe that optimal well-being comes from a place of joy. You need to find ways to create healthy habits in your life, while also honoring your spirit and maintaining your Zest for Life. Exercise in a way that’s fun for you (maybe that’s not going to the gym, but dancing or walking your dogs). Find recipes for fun ways to prepare whole, natural and organic foods. Don’t neglect social time with friends and family. Above all, find the joy in each waking moment. Zest for Life.

I Lost 40 Pounds in 10 Months

In my first blog post ever, I explain how I came to be overweight, the book that finally spurred me to action, and how I got so motivated.

From September 2015, to July 2016, I worked my butt off. In September, walking up a flight of stairs had me winded and in need of a break. In July, I ran a half marathon.

Self-Improvement Books & Podcasts

My biggest motivators have been books and podcasts. When I come across one that changes my journey, or helps me see things in a new light, I put up a post to share why.

Time for Me

A huge part of my path to total well-being has been learning to take time for self-care. Sometimes this is a walk in the fresh air, sometimes it’s reading a book with a cozy blanket, and sometimes it’s just vegging out with a good Hallmark movie.

I’ve learned that working myself to death isn’t a sustainable way of life. Balance is necessary, and the best way to find that is by making yourself a priority.

Counseling, Affirmations & Journaling

After getting my physical health in order, I realized there were some emotional & spiritual issues I needed to address. My priorities shifted as I began counseling.

Through counseling, I have learned just how interconnected the body, mind & spirit all are. Each aspect of overall health can help or hinder the others. I work hard to keep all mine in check through journaling and positive affirmations.

An Invitation to Join Me in My Journey with Self-Care, Time-Management and Holistic Health

The path to self-love is winding, beautiful and messy. There are days I’m sure my work is done, only to find another obstacle the next.

I invite you to follow my journey and share yours with me along the way. Together, anything is possible!

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Healthy Motivated Life | Self-Care Time-Management & Holistic Health

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  1. Pat

    Weight loss becomes harder as one gets older–and I’m in that category now! I looked around your posts and love all your tips and motivation. Great info that I’m going to try in this new year–thanks!

    1. Amanda

      I’m so glad I could help, Pat!!

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