“Every day, I strive to greet the new morning with joy and wonder of what this day will bring. I look for the beauty in the sunrise and savor every drop of my coffee.” ~Amanda Stray

 My journey from Overweight & Lonely to Fitness-Focused Wife

In 2015, I had reached the heaviest weight of my life. I finally decided enough was enough and began what I thought was a journey with health and fitness. It turned out, though, to be so much more than that.

Since then, I have been on a journey to heal my whole self: Body, Mind &Soul. This blog started as a way to share recipes and fitness tips with my friends and family. It has grown to become a place where I can honestly track the ups and downs of my weight, explore my past and dream of my future.

I am a work-in-progress, but every day I’m becoming a healthier version of me . . . In my body, mind and soul.

My journey from Overweight & Lonely to Fitness-Focused Wife

I Lost 40 Pounds in 10 Months

In my first blog post ever, I explain how I came to be overweight, the book that finally spurred me to action, and how I got so motivated.

From September 2015, to July 2016, I worked my butt off. In September, walking up a flight of stairs had me winded and in need of a break. In July, I ran a half marathon.

Self-Improvement Books & Podcasts

My biggest motivators have been books and podcasts. When I come across one that changes my journey, or helps me see things in a new light, I put up a post to share why.

Time for Me

A huge part of my path to wellness has been learning to take time for me. Sometimes this is a walk in the fresh air, sometimes it’s reading a book with a cozy blanket, and sometimes it’s just vegging out with a good Hallmark movie.

I’ve learned that working myself to death isn’t a sustainable way of life. Balance is necessary, and the best way to find that is by making yourself a priority.

Counseling, Affirmations & Journaling

After getting my physical health in order, I realized there were some emotional & spiritual issues I needed to address. My priorities shifted as I began counseling.

Through counseling, I have learned just how interconnected the body, mind & spirit all are. Each aspect of overall health can help or hinder the others. I work hard to keep all mine in check through journaling and positive affirmations.

An Invitation

The path to self-love is winding, beautiful and messy. There are days I’m sure my work is done, only to find another obstacle the next.

I invite you to follow my journey and share yours with me along the way. Together, anything is possible!

My journey from Overweight & Lonely to Fitness-Focused Wife


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