Disclaimer: I am not the wife of a fireman.

What We Can All Learn from a Fireman’s Wife

“Being a fireman’s wife definitely has its challenges, but it has its great points too!”

Jen Gregor

Disclaimer: I am not the wife of a fireman.

I am, however a wife.

Every week, I share a couple of my posts to “Link Parties,” a term I had never heard until I got serious about my website.

A Link Party is a little online “party” hosted by a blogger, where other bloggers can share their links with each other. It’s a great opportunity to interact with people who are out there doing the same thing I am, and to gain a little exposure.

Anyway, while searching for parties to link up with, I came across Jen’s at afiremanswife.com.

Jen has great household tips, tricks and stories to share . . . Her blog is both a getaway and an inspiration to me.

Disclaimer: I am not the wife of a fireman.

Fridays at the Firestation

You may have seen some of my posts ending with a quick little, “Thanks for the Link-Up, Jen!”

The word “Link-Up” is always hyperlinked back to one of her “Friday at the Firestation” posts, where you will find a link back to my own post amongst many others.

This is really fun link party to scroll through. People share links to recipes, household tips, kids’ activities and fashion ideas.


Jen has a great sense of modest style. An entire section of her website is dedicated to sharing her outfits, including links to buy anything you like for yourself!


I am a big fan of Jen’s food photography.

Okay, maybe I’m a little jealous, too!

She shares tons of yummy-looking, family-friendly recipes . . . and seriously, the photos are awesome. If you feel like treating yourself, check out her carrot cake recipe.


In Homemaking, Jen shares tons of tips for self- and home-care. She sells Young Living essential oils. So, a lot of her posts are about using essential oils for homemade cleaning products.

Love it!

Anytime I can clean my home without harsh chemicals, I am all in.

She Makes it Look Easy

Every week, I share my link, and then I linger for a bit. I love to see the new ideas Jen has to share and admire her food photography.

I’m not a mom, but I hope to be someday. And, I’ve always been inspired by the women who can find the time to juggle work of any kind (yes, blogging is work!), on top of the huge jobs of being a wonderful wife and mother.

I hope someday I’ll be able to make it look just as easy as Jen does!

Thanks for the Link-Up, Jen!!

Disclaimer: I am not the wife of a fireman.

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