5 Ways Adopting a Dog Helped Me Lose Weight

5 Ways Adopting a Dog Helped Me Lose Weight

“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this Earth will ever be.” ~Konrad Lorenz

All I wanted was a dog. I had no idea when I picked that little guy up from the shelter that I would be bringing home my first fitness coach, my teammate, and my biggest cheerleader.

Bringing a dog home can be the perfect first step of your journey with health.

I had no idea I was bringing home my first fitness coach, my teammate, and my biggest cheerleader. Adopting a dog helped me lose weight in 5 very specific ways.

1. Adopting a Dog Will Make You Feel Good

Knowing that I’d saved a life boosted my self-confidence. Bentley came home with me that first day and carefully sniffed his way around my apartment. He knew he was home and he knew he was safe.

I was proud that I could do that for him. I also knew that another life depended upon me. Now, I needed to be sure I kept myself healthy, so Bentley would never have to live in  a shelter again.

2. The Dog Will Need Exercise

Having grown up on a small hobby farm, with 6 acres for the dogs to run, I’d never needed to walk a dog before.

I learned quickly that dogs who live in apartments need to  be walked daily.

What surprised me, though, was how much I enjoyed those daily walks. Something that started out as a necessary chore to care for my dog, rapidly became the highlight of my day.

3. The Dog Will Need Plenty of Rest

I was surprised to  find how much Bentley loved to cuddle and relax. He has taught me the importance of slowing down.

I understand now that I don’t have to “go, go, go” all the time. It’s okay, and even necessary to sit down and unwind at the end of the day, before settling in for a full night’s sleep.

4. The Dog Will Drink Lots of Water

Struggle to drink enough water each day? Try this:

Watch your dog and take a drink of water every time he does.

You’ll be building that habit in no time! Dogs don’t have to think about it. They feel thirsty, so they drink. Simply noticing how often I needed to fill Bentley’s water dish helped me to realize that I needed to drink more water, like him.

5. The Dog Will Brighten Your Day

Bentley helps me every day to be the best version of myself. I felt good about myself when I first brought him home, which boosted my self-confidence.

After that, I had to exercise, because he needed someone to walk with him. We rest together, drink water together, and he brightens my day, everyday.

Getting a dog was one of the healthiest choices I’ve ever made.

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