5 Key Items to Be Aware of When Selecting a Personal Trainer

5 Key Items to Be Aware of When Selecting a Personal Trainer

I’d dropped 20 pounds already and I knew I wanted to take it to the next level. I was exercising more and building muscle. So, I didn’t want to track solely pounds lost. Instead, I wanted to learn about body fat percentages, and work with a personal trainer. At that time, I didn’t know how to choose a personal trainer.

That was when I finally picked up the phone and called Steve. His phone number had been sitting in my inbox for about a month before I got the nerve to call.

I’d worked with personal trainers before. I had signed up for gym memberships in the past with the incentive of free sessions with an on-site trainer and hadn’t been impressed with the experience. I was nervous to try it again.

Deep down though, I knew: Working with the right personal trainer is key to meeting health-related goals.

Working with the right personal trainer is key to meeting your health & weight loss goals. But how do you pick the right one?

1. Your trainer should be motivating & supportive

When I met Steve first the first time, we instantly hit it off. I explained to him what I had done so far to lose those 20 pounds. I told him what my ultimate goal was, and why I wanted to track body fat instead of weight.

Steve let me do most of the talking, only jumping in to ask clarifying questions and to tell me how impressed he was at how far I’d made it on my own.

At the end of that first consult, I was more motivated than ever. I just knew I was going to reach my goal and that Steve would be there, cheering me on the whole way there.

2. Your trainer should push you just a little past your comfort zone

At the height of my fitness, I was working with Steve weekly, at a minimum. I learned his tricks real quick.

When I’m doing, squats, for example, he’ll ask if I feel like I can do one more. If I say yes, he’ll say “good, do two more.”

3. You should feel comfortable saying “enough”

On the flip-side, though, I know my body best. Steve never pushes if I know I can’t take any more. If I am completely exhausted, or an old injury is acting up, all I have to do is say something. I don’t get a guilt-trip, and I’m not told I should be working harder.

We just move on to a different activity.

4. He should understand nutrition

One of the great things about working with Steve, is he is educated in nutrition. When I lost my first 20 pounds on my own, I cut calories and exercised more.

When I started working with Steve, he explained to me how calories are calculated. He explained macros and why they are important to me in terms I could understand. Steve helped me set up a meal plan that worked well with my lifestyle and supported my work-out routines.

5. He should have an understanding of the body

The most important knowledge Steve brings to me is his understanding of the human body.

When he shows me a new work-out or a new tool, he describes in-depth which specific muscles are being worked. On top of that, he explains to me when I need to use these muscles in my own daily life. (Or, more often he is explaining why I don’t use them regularly, which is why they need exercise!)

Once You Know How to Choose a Personal Trainer, Find a Great Coach and Stick with Him

I am grateful every day that I didn’t let a past bad experience deter me from trying again. I did luck out with Steve, since I didn’t really know at the time how to choose a personal trainer, and I simply called someone based on other people’s recommendations. Steve is such a wonderful coach, mentor, and friend. He is instrumental in keeping me as healthy as possible, and he always lifts my spirits when I’m feeling defeated.

I always recommend working one-on-one with a trainer, but it is so important that you find the right trainer for your own needs. If you are thinking of giving personal training a try, be sure to ask around your community for personal referrals.

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Working with the right personal trainer is key to meeting your health & weight loss goals. But how do you pick the right one?

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