10 Must-Have Items on a Starter NSNG Grocery List

10 Must-Have Items on a Starter NSNG Grocery List

“The better question to ask yourself is: How to correct your diet so you can start losing weight?” ~Vinnie Tortorich

So far this year (since January 2nd), I have lost 15 pounds, and I’ve done it without counting calories, or points, or weighing my food.

Vinnie explains NSNG the best in his free guide, but the short of it is: Don’t eat grains or added sugars as a regular part of your diet.

How We Got Started

When Hubs and I decided this was worth trying, we jumped in, head-first. I cleaned out our cupboards, donating what I could to our local food bank, and throwing away packages that were already open. Then, I hit the store.

Since then, we fell into more of a routine with this way of eating, and I found that there are certain staples we always have in the kitchen.

If you’ve been following my Friday Updates, you know that I’ve experienced some weight gain recently. For most of the month of April, I did not eat according to our NSNG plan, due to personal circumstances.

I truly have faith in the NSNG way of eating, and have fully stocked our kitchen again according to this list.

The Starter Grocery List

If you are interested in giving NSNG a try, adding these items to your regular grocery list is an excellent start:

1. Eggs

For the two of us, we typically buy 2 dozen every week, and when possible, we buy local (here in Enumclaw, we like the Mason Jar Farm).

2. Mixed Nuts

We’ve found Costco has the best price on nuts.

3. Heavy Whipping Cream

A must-have for my morning coffee.

4. Cheddar Cheese

Hubs prefers his eggs scrambled with cheese, plus it makes an easy snack.

5. Frozen Veggies

For a quick week-night addition to dinner, I like to throw a bag of frozen vegetables in a bowl and warm it up in the microwave with some butter.

6. “Snacky” Veggies

(for lack of a more descriptive word)

I’ve done complicated lunches before, and it just gets exhausting. We like to have some kind of vegetable with our lunch, so we usually wind up buying something easy to throw in like baby carrots or radishes.

7. Spinach

A simple way to get some greens, we throw it in with our egg scrambles for breakfast, and often add it to soups and casseroles.

8. Bacon

Need I say more?

9. Ground Meat

Beef, elk, pork, venison, chicken, turkey . . . whatever floats your boat. Again, we like to get it local if possible, but ground meat is a staple in so many of our favorite recipes.

10. Canned Tuna

We always have it on hand for a quick easy lunch. Mix it up like you would for a sandwich, but just eat it out of the bowl instead of on bread!

The NSNG way of eating may not be for everyone, but it works great for us when we stick to it.

The way that it works best is the same way any plan would: We make it easy for ourselves, by keeping foods that fall into our plan easily accessible.


Since beginning eating No Sugar & No Grains, I have found that there are certain staples we always have in the kitchen. If you are new to this way of eating, this guide is a great start for your first grocery trip.

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