Friday Update 04/27/2018

Friday Update 04/27/2018

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Today, I am up 3 pounds from last Friday, down 2 pounds overall, and working my way toward better self-acceptance.

Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

This Week’s Biggest Challenge

Remembering that it’s okay to be where I am on this journey. I’ve been beating myself up a lot this week. Getting dressed for work in the morning is becoming a struggle again, and it is so frustrating because just a month ago I was starting to fit back into some of my smaller clothes. Reminding myself not to get too upset over this has been a challenge.

This Week’s Biggest Accomplishment: Self-Acceptance

Acceptance of my appearance. This isn’t what I’ve been working for all year, and it amazes me how much more quickly the weight piles on than it comes off, but this is the way I look right now, and that’s okay. Self-acceptance is key to the journey toward total health.

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Self-Acceptance | Friday Update 04/27/2018: Accepting My Journey

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