20 of My Favorite Non-Food Rewards for Meeting Goals

20 of My Favorite Non-Food Rewards for Meeting Goals

Read this post to the end and you’ll receive a fabulous prize. Catch your attention? People are naturally motivated by rewards & incentives. I work hard at my job because I know I’ll be considered each year for a bonus based on my performance as an employee. And, I say “no” more often to sugary treats because I know I get to pick out a cute new top at my favorite store with every 10 pounds I lose. That cute new top comes along because I made an active decision to use non-food rewards for meeting goals.

When I lost 40 pounds the first time, I knew I needed to reward myself as I met smaller goals along the way. Or, I’d have a tough time maintaining my focus. What kept me going, was knowing that each time I reached another 10-pound benchmark, I’d go downtown to my favorite little shop and select something new (and probably smaller, too!).

They say don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, and that worked great for me. But, there are so many other ways to reward and motivate yourself to keep going without sacrificing your new, healthy habits.

I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately since I recently passed my 10-pound mark on this second round of weight loss, and I’m considering changing my incentive this time around.

Since it’s been on my mind, I decided to compile a list of all the options I could come up with to share with you! 

We are all naturally motivated by rewards & incentives. Use this natural motivation to reach your goals faster!

1. Clothing

When I first lost 40 pounds, I loved selecting my new, smaller clothing with every 10 pounds I lost (and now I can’t wait to fit back into them again!)

2. Massage

Nothing says luxury to me like a really great massage, the ultimate in non-food rewards for meeting goals, in my opinion

3. Mani/Pedi

I realize for some people this is just a part of a beauty regimen, but I’ve found over the past couple of years especially that it can be difficult for me to make the time to get my nails done or have a pedicure, so it’s always a special treat

4. Movie Tickets

Another one that can feel like a special treat if you aren’t a regular movie-goer

5. Concert or Event Tickets

If you have some extra cash to throw around, rewarding yourself with an unforgettable experience can be just the ticket!

6. New CD (or mp3 album)

Personally, I can’t swing the cost of a concert ticket every time I hit a minor goal (though it could be a great reward for the full goal!), but a new CD would be fun

7. Shoes

The tough part of rewarding myself with new, smaller clothing every time I hit a weight loss goal was that it felt like I lost my rewards when I gained my weight back. Shoe sizes tend not to change, so this is a reward that could stick around longer if circumstances change

8. Accessories

Just like the shoes, a fun new scarf, watch, or set of earrings will always fit

9. Facial

Another luxury that I don’t often allow myself

10. Bubble Bath

After all that hard work, you deserve a chance to relax!

11. Vacation Day

Take a day off all for yourself to do ANYTHING you want

12. Day Trip

While a full vacation would be a bit extravagant every time you hit a small milestone, it would be fun to take a day trip somewhere near home that you’ve always wanted to see but never made the time for

13. Kitchen Gadget

Working hard to lose weight often also means spending more time in the kitchen. I’m thinking of rewarding myself with an instant pot when I hit 20 pounds

14. Dish

Hand-in-hand with the kitchen gadgets, I’m finding that dishes bring me so much more joy than they used to. Right now, I’m really into handmade mugs & plates.

15. Gear or Supply for Hobby

Maybe you’ve found that your favorite form of exercise is hiking and you could use a weighted backpack, or you’re replacing time you spent at restaurants in the past with knitting and you want a good chunky yarn – hitting goals is a great excuse!

16. Home Décor

What a great opportunity to get that salt lamp you’ve been secretly wanting

17. Candle

I’ll take any excuse to pick up a new scented candle!

18. Book

Books can be expensive, use this as a chance to build your library

19. Journal

While you’re frantically recording every milestone and affirmation, journals fill up quickly . . . why not pick up a new, pretty journal?

20. Photoshoot

Time for the progress photos!

Non-Food Rewards for Meeting Goals

This list of non-food rewards for meeting goals should be a nice starting point for you. If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably already compiling your own list, or maybe you know exactly what you are going to do to reward yourself as you meet small goals along the way to your overall goal.

Either way, remember to always reward yourself. You are working so hard to meet your goals, and you deserve some recognition.

Send me a message and let me know which idea your favorite is, or if you have something amazing to add. I’ll send an amazon gift card to the first ten people to message me. You can use it to put toward your first goal-meeting reward to yourself. (How’s that for a fabulous prize?)

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We are all naturally motivated by rewards & incentives. Use this natural motivation to reach your goals faster!

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  1. Carol

    Great list of rewards. When I lose weight, I like getting something smaller to wear. It is a great motivator!

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