This week's totally honest updates on my experience with losing weight and building self-confidence.
Friday Update

Friday Update 03/16/2018

Friday Update

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Today, I am down 2 pounds from last Friday, 14 pounds overall!

This Week’s Biggest Challenge

Daylight Savings. My usual wake-up time is 4:45 a.m., but when it feels like 3:45, it’s really tough to get up and motivated to get stuff done! One of the little habits I’ve been trying to kick in March is hitting the snooze button. I’ve allowed myself to hit it once each day this week. But next week, I’m cutting myself off again.

This Week’s Biggest Accomplishment

Getting healthy again. Last Thursday I got really sick and was down for the count through Sunday. Hubs was wonderful, picking up my slack, no questions asked.

Dinner was made each night and the dishes were caught up on. Knowing that all the little things were being dealt with really helped me to be able to rest and focus on getting healthy. So Monday, I was back to work and today is actually the first day that I feel 100% better!

How was your week?

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