Friday Update 03/30/2018

Friday Update 03/30/2018

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Today, I am up 3 pounds from last Friday, down 12 pounds overall – plus, I’m avoiding emotional eating! More info on that below.

Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

This Week’s Biggest Challenge – Avoiding Emotional Eating

Our family has had a tough week and it would be easiest to just grab some comfort food and chow down, but I’ve made a commitment to myself. So, each morning I have made a healthy breakfast and some coffee and even though we aren’t eating lunch and dinner at home, I’ve been very intentional about ordering healthy foods, even if fish n’ chips sounds better.

This Week’s Biggest Accomplishment

My first blog post from my phone! I don’t have my laptop with me today, but I do have some down time and internet access, so here is my first mobile post!

How was your week?

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Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

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  1. Amazing you did so well with such a stressful week. YOU are amazing!

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