Friday Update 03/09/2018

Friday Update 03/09/2018

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Today, I am down 0 pounds from last Friday, 12 pounds overall! One comment can affect self-confidence. I explain in more detail below, but since my confidence was already down, I’m grateful that I didn’t gain weight this week.

Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

This Week’s Biggest Challenge – One Comment Can Affect Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence! Hubs and I took a long weekend and went to Anchorage with a couple of friends to see the Ceremonial Start to the Iditarod. What an incredible experience!

On the way there, though, I got the “groin area” pat-down from TSA. When they first told me that I had set the machine off, I was pretty upset. I misunderstood what they were saying, and thought they were telling me they had to “examine” the area.

Hubs had to frantically grab all of our luggage, jackets and shoes since I wasn’t allowed to leave the side of the TSA employees, and they took us to a private room.

The two women who patted me down (over my clothing, as it turned out) were very kind and understanding. They truly did all they could to make a very uncomfortable situation a little easier to handle. They joked around a lot to put our minds at ease and at one point mentioned that my heavy sweater may have set the machine off.

At this point, it was mentioned that they felt the machine was “biased toward women” since so many types of women’s clothing cause false alarms.

THEN, she added that she thought the machine was also “biased toward fat people.”

I understand that she was joking around and that she didn’t mean to call me fat. But, standing there with a strange woman’s hand between my thighs and pretty much feeling at my worst already, I took it that way.

I struggled all week to get the phrase out of my mind. It’s amazing how one comment can affect self-confidence.

This Week’s Biggest Accomplishment

Maintaining my weight. Our long weekend in Anchorage included 4 days off our regular meal plan. We ate pizza and chocolates and we drank beer.

When we came home I felt bloated and full. But, I jumped right back to my normal, healthier eating habits. I wound up ending the week with no weight gain.

Sounds like progress to me!

We came home from the airport around 10:00 p.m. on Monday night. Knowing ahead of time that we would be home late, I was ready. I had prepared all of the week’s lunches before leaving. And, I made sure the fridge was well-stocked with healthy breakfast and snack choices.

Planning ahead truly made it easier to jump back into healthy habits after a vacation.

How was your week?

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Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

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