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3 Important Items to Be Aware of When Working Towards Goals

“Progress only starts when you get clear on where you are right now.” ~Michael Hyatt

You may not have what it takes to reach your goals. Click the link to learn more

You may not have what it takes to reach your goals.


There are 3 important items that we must be aware of in order to find success with our goals. When I realized this, my entire approach changed.

To successfully reach any goal in life, it is important to be 100% aware of your starting point, exactly what you are doing, and what your measurable goal is.

Starting Point

Before I got serious about weight loss, I didn’t believe in scales. I didn’t want to know my weight and decided to just go off of how I felt in my clothing and when I looked in the mirror.

This is a great viewpoint in that the number on scale should not define your own perception of yourself. It doesn’t work so well though when are working toward a goal.

If you don’t know where you are starting, how will you know how far you’ve come?

To reach a goal, you need to know where you started.

If I were working with money and wanted to build my savings, it would be important to understand if I were starting from zero or starting from $1,000. This would give me the tools I need to make an attainable goal.

You may not have what it takes to reach your goals. Click the link to learn more.

What Do You Do Each Day?


Goals are met through daily habits, and undesirable results are also caused by daily habits.

Once you have an idea of your starting point, tracking your daily habits can be helpful in finding how you came to this point, and which habits can be eliminated, or replaced with new habits to reach your goal.

When I weighed myself at my heaviest point and found that I was 50 pounds above my ideal weight, I had to look at my daily habits.

What I found after a few days of tracking was that a glass of wine (or two or three) after work had become a daily habit and that I was eating cake at work a couple of times a week, plus going out to eat regularly, where I was selecting heavy pasta dishes. On top of that, I spent my work day sitting at desk and got no regular exercise.


Once I understood which habits had slowly increased my body-fat, I was able to replace the wine with tea, say “no, thank you” to the cake and add in a daily walk.

Knowing what your habits are and how they can be used to support your goal is the most important aspect of working toward any goal.

Measurable Goals


Back in the days when I didn’t believe in owning a scale, attaining weight loss goals was a struggle. My goal was always something really vague like “I want to be thinner by June.”

When I re-set my vision and set a more tangible goal for which I could measure my progress, I became unstoppable!

Since then, I have found that setting a very specific goal (such as my current goal, below) gives an idea of what to work toward:

I want to lose 12 pounds by the end of May.


This is a goal that I set in February, being very intentional about planning a goal around losing about one pound per week.

Now, I can weigh myself on a regular basis to track my progress toward this goal, and even when the results aren’t visible in the mirror, I can see that I am working steadily toward this short-term goal.

The short-term goal is also supportive of a larger goal. Ultimately, I feel that I have about 30 pounds to lose, which I can tackle in about 9 months, or 3 sets of 3-month short-term goals. It’s a little easier to chew.

Ultimately, there are three small pieces of meeting every goal you set: Understanding of your starting point; Understanding of the daily habits to support goal progress; and a measurable, attainable goal.

With these three pieces of the goal in mind, I lost 40 pounds in 10 months, and I know I can do it again!

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You may not have what it takes to reach your goals. Click the link to learn more.

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