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3 Reasons to Read Healthy is the New Skinny Today

“It is imperative to remember that you are not just a body and to start to value your experiences in life and your glorious existence above all else.”  ~Katie H. Willcox

"Healthy is the New Skinny" by Katie H. Willcox - Add this to your must-read list!

I am fat and ugly. 

How many times do you tell yourself that (or something similarly hurtful) every. Single. Day? If it’s once or more, you need to stop what you are doing and read Healthy is the New Skinny, by Katie H. Willcox right this second.


Katie Will Explain Why You Feel Badly About Yourself

In Part One, the author, Katie, who is a model, and also owner of Natural Modeling Agency, explains the way the modeling industry work.

She explains how models are selected and why models in only very specific sizes are selected. Most disturbingly, she reveals how the advertising industry uses models to make women believe their product will make them better than they already are.

She brings light to the way our early experiences in childhood and as teenagers can shape our future experiences with body image and self-confidence later in life. We don’t even realize it’s happened.

You’ll Learn the Tools to Build Your Self-Confidence Now

After getting to the bottom of all the “whys” we move on to Part 2. Here, Ms. Willcox goes on to share many of her own personal stories, and stories of women she knows who have been through the journey to self-confidence and overall health.

Along with these stories come lessons and exercises you can do to build your own confidence. As readers, we are reminded that we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to others to feel great about ourselves.

You’ll Learn How to Get Started and How to Help Others

In Parts 3 & 4, Katie continues to share the tools that she has found along the way to start this journey and how to share it with others. If you follow me on social media, you’ve likely seen me using #healthyisthenewskinny.

Follow the hashtag, or just search the phrase on FaceBook or Instagram. What you will find is thousands of people supporting and encouraging each other. It’s truly inspirational.

After reading this book, my heart is behind this important message.

Buy Healthy is the New Skinny today, or go check it out from your local library. Send me a message requesting to borrow my copy.

If you find yourself constantly struggling with self-confidence and it’s holding you back from reaching your health goals, find a way to get this book in your hands, it is a must-read.  

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"Healthy is the New Skinny" by Katie H. Willcox - Add this to your must-read list!

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