Friday Update 02/23/2018

Friday Update 02/23/2018

Side note: my little brother turns FOURTEEN today!! He’s officially older than I was when he was born. Happy Birthday, bud!! 

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Today, I am up 1 pound from last Friday, down 10 pounds overall!

This Week’s Biggest Challenge

Reminding myself not to attach my self-worth to the number on the scale.

I was feeling great last week when I started losing weight again, but then I gained the two pounds right back again. I can’t find a good reason for the weight gain, since I’m not doing a lot of strength training right now, and I’ve been sticking 100% to my meal plan. I started feeling pretty down on myself early in the week and have spent the rest of the week trying to focus my energy on feeling great about myself.

This Week’s Biggest Accomplishment

Driving to work in the snow on my own! It’s a small accomplishment, but since moving a little farther out of town and towards the hills, we get a lot more snow at our house than the rest of our area does, and it takes a lot longer to melt.

I’ve also learned that my car doesn’t handle as well on the ice as I thought. Making it to work on icy & snowy roads without help and without a hiccup was an accomplishment for me!

How was your week? 

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