Making a Sedentary Lifestyle Healthier – Made Easy

Making a Sedentary Lifestyle Healthier – Made Easy

With the technology available in the world today, it’s no secret that life is becoming more and more sedentary for many. If this includes you, and you have concerns for your health, read on! Here are some tips to make your sedentary lifestyle healthier.

Your Sedentary Lifestyle Can Be Made Healthier | And, It’s Easy!

Focus First on Nutritious Foods

The kitchen is where every healthy lifestyle should begin. But, don’t go too crazy here either. Rather than placing your focus on “unhealthy” foods to “cut out,” try instead to focus on adding more healthy foods in.

This can be done by intentionally adding a vegetable to every meal or having an apple for a daily morning snack. There are so many creative ways to add more natural foods into your diet. And by starting in this way, you’ll have a more positive outlook. You may even find some new favorite foods you wouldn’t have otherwise!

If you have any health conditions, it is always a good idea to check in with your doctor before making any big changes, so please keep this in mind as well.

Add Movement into Your Routine

Just like diet, exercise isn’t an area where you need to go too hard and burn yourself out in the first week. Once you’re feeling comfortable with the foods you’re adding into your diet, start thinking of ways you can incorporate more movement into your existing daily routine.

This doesn’t mean, “Where can you fit an hour workout into your schedule?”.

What this does mean is:

  • Can you get a sit/stand station for your desk and change positions throughout the work day?
  • Can you do a few push-ups while you watch TV?
  • Can you walk around your office while you’re on the phone?
  • Can you do a few stretches while you watch webinars?
  • Can you do some jumping jacks when you get out of bed in the morning?
  • Can you do leg lifts while you relax on your recliner?

Keep it simple. Try sprinkling various types of movement throughout your day, just a little at a time. Eventually, you may find that it feels good to move your body and you may want to add in a daily walk and start easing into a workout routine. But don’t jump right into intense workouts. Take it slowly and see where it takes you.

Work with a Professional

Once you’re comfortable with little bits of movement being added in throughout the day and you may be thinking of beginning a workout routine, consider working with a personal trainer. Even just a consult session can do wonders. A personal trainer is going to be able to work with your individual needs to design the perfect workout that meets your exact needs. If he’s really good, it’ll likely even be something you’ll mostly enjoy and look forward to day to day.

This is also a good time to consider meeting with a dietician who can review your diet with you and make further recommendations. And, if you have a checkup with your doctor scheduled soon, it would also be a good time to let her know that you’ve been making these changes in the interest of health (if you haven’t already) and be sure that you are not missing anything from her perspective.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Above all, be gentle with yourself. You’re taking the first small steps toward a healthier lifestyle, and that is commendable! The biggest mistake you can make throughout this journey is to be too hard on yourself, or stress yourself out over it. Take it a day at a time. Celebrate small victories (like choosing baby carrots instead of chips for a snack). Take your time and be kind to yourself.

Your Sedentary Lifestyle Will Gradually Become a Healthy One

To make your sedentary lifestyle more healthy doesn’t necessarily require a huge lifestyle change all at once. It’s important to ease into habit changes slowly and to work with personal trainers, dieticians and doctors as appropriate. Start by focusing on incorporating more nutritious foods into your daily meals, Then, ease into exercise by finding creative ways to include more movement in your regular routine.

Before you know it, you’ll have a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine!

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Your Sedentary Lifestyle Can Be Made Healthier | And, It’s Easy!

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