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The 3 Best Ways to Guarantee You’ll Keep Gaining Weight

“Here’s to a year of better habits, positive thinking, clean eating & most of all, loving yourself.” ~Unknown

In the past, when I was unintentionally gaining weight and felt that I just couldn't stop, there were 3 behaviors that kept that pattern going.

When it comes to our finances, we all love to see an upward trend. But with our weight, that upward trend is usually unwanted.

There are 3 sure-fire ways to be 100% sure an upward trend will continue:

  • Be hard on yourself
  • Enjoy several “Cheat Meals” every weekend
  • Focus on eating foods advertised as healthy and low-fat

Being Hard on Yourself

Spending too much time dwelling on your failures or missteps is only going to keep your head in that mentality.

Focus instead, on reminding yourself of everything you’re doing well and all the reasons you got started to begin with. With that kind of attitude, keeping up your new, healthier habits will become easier and easier.

Too Many Cheat Meals

Cheat meals often seem like a great way to reward yourself for a job well done. Especially after a long, hard week of eating well and exercising. Continuing to reward yourself with food, though, keeps bad habits firmly at the front of your mind.

On top of that, when one cheat meal becomes three days of giving into every temptation that comes your way, you just un-do all of your hard work from the rest of the week!

Instead, try rewarding yourself with new, smaller clothing when you hit weight loss milestones or goals. And, with spa days or new accessories after a particularly tough week.

Focusing on “Diet Foods”

There are hundreds of foods out there claiming to be “diet-friendly,” or even worse, have been chemically “enhanced” to remove any fat they originally contained.

The very best way to be sure you are staying on track with your goals is to focus on eating real, whole foods, and pay attention to your portions. This process may cause results to be slower, but in the long run it’s the healthiest choice.

If you don’t feel hungry anymore, it’s probably safe to stop eating. This has always been the most difficult part for me as I move toward healthier living. I love food so much, and I’m surrounded by great cooks. I always want a second (or third) helping, but I have to slow down and pay attention to my body.

Before getting up for a second helping, I like to ask myself, “Do I want more because I still feel hungry, or do I want more because it tastes good?”

And you know what? 

Sometimes, if I just want more because it tastes good, I’ll still go back and get myself another very tiny helping, just enough for a couple of bites . . . and then I take my time and allow myself to really enjoy them.

What have you found to be your biggest road-blocks? Did I cover it here, or is there something else that gets you hung up every time you feel like you’re making progress?

Let me know in the comments!

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In the past, when I was unintentionally gaining weight and felt that I just couldn't stop, there were 3 behaviors that kept that pattern going.

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