Healthy Breakfasts – Simplified

Healthy Breakfasts – Simplified

In the beginning of my journey with wellness, I ate a lot of poached eggs on whole wheat toast. Seriously, scroll back far enough on my Instagram grid and you’ll see what I mean. The thing is, I knew that eggs made for a healthy breakfast. And I had a really tough time thinking outside of that box. Poached eggs are my favorite and I got really good at making them. Everything else just seemed like too much work. What I didn’t understand then was that healthy breakfasts don’t have to be complicated or elaborate.

Healthy Breakfasts Made Simple | Easy Recipe Ideas

Don’t Over-Think It

There was a time when I would spend hours upon hours meal planning. I wasn’t just planning dinners though. I was planning every single meal and snack that I would consume in the week, down to the calorie. Frankly, it was exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, it was the way to do the whole calorie-counting thing for sure and it helped me “stay on track.” The thing is that since then, I’ve learned calorie—counting just isn’t a sustainable way to live.

Anyway, unless it’s going to be some kind of event, or you’re really excited to try a new recipe, breakfast shouldn’t have to be planned out. It’s one of those meals that should be easy to prepare by looking in your fridge and throwing some stuff together.

It’s no secret that I love breakfast scrambles. This is because I can just throw a bunch of stuff together, cook it up and eat it. I don’t have to think about it.

Warm, fruity breakfast bowls are also fun and easy. I cook up some berries or sliced fruit with a little coconut milk, whatever nut-butter I have on hand and various nuts and seeds. It’s like taking all the good stuff that gets mixed in with oatmeal and just making its own meal out of it.

Healthy Breakfasts Don’t Have to Be Eggy

Yes, eggs are healthy. And yes, breakfast scrambles and poached eggs on toast are delicious. But what if you’re out of eggs, or allergic to eggs, or your husband doesn’t like eggs?

You. Can. Still. Have. A. Healthy. Breakfast!

Your options are so much more than just eggs or cereal, seriously. The book Coconuts & Kettlebells (commissions earned) has several egg-free breakfast options, but here are a few more ideas:

  • The Fruity Breakfast Bowl Described Above
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls
  • Egg-Less Scramble (scramble up everything but the eggs, still delicious!)
  • Steak and Veggies

Fruits & Vegetables

Often, when we think of breakfast we think of sweet, fruity dishes, or potatoes. But whoever said broccoli is only for dinner? Breakfast is an excellent opportunity to enjoy more vegetables. I like to incorporate them into my scrambles. Or, even just cook them up with a steak or some bacon.

A well-rounded, nutrient-dense diet is going to include a healthy variety of meats and vegetables. Did you know that different colors of vegetables result from higher amounts of different nutrients? “Eating the rainbow” by including a variety of colors of vegetables in your meals throughout the day (including breakfast!) is an excellent way to ensure that you are consuming all of the nutrients your body needs.

Include Healthy Fats

And, don’t forget your friend, fat! Back in my calorie-counting days fat was the devil. We’ve all been there. Remember to include fattier components to your breakfast. I do this in a variety of ways. Let’s take the breakfast examples from before:

  • Fruity Breakfast Bowl: I add fat by using full-fat coconut milk and macadamia butter
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls: I add fat by cooking the vegetables in the bacon’s grease and by loading with avocado
  • Egg-Less Scramble (scramble up everything but the eggs, still delicious!): I add fat by cooking the vegetables in my bacon or sausage grease, or in avocado oil depending on what all I am scrambling
  • Steak and Veggies: I add fat by coating the veggies in olive oil before roasting or frying

Take it Easy

Enjoying healthy breakfasts really doesn’t have to be a big deal or a huge production. There are simple ways to cook up a nutrient-rich meal in a hurry. Because we all need to get on with our days after breakfast.

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Healthy Breakfasts Made Simple | Easy Recipe Ideas

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