Friday Update 02/16/2018

Friday Update 02/16/2018

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Today, I am down 2 pounds from last Friday, 10 pounds overall! This was a big accomplishment for me, because celebrating Valentine’s Day while losing weight can be a challenge.

Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

This Week’s Biggest Challenge – Celebrating Valentine’s Day While Losing Weight

Valentine’s Day at work. I’m lucky enough to work with several very thoughtful people. And, everyone likes to bring candies and chocolates for each other on Valentine’s Day.

I thanked everyone for thinking of me and carefully placed the sweets in my purse, out of my view. I’ll be bringing them to the food bank with our next donation. This was especially hard when the Dove Chocolates showed up!!

This Week’s Biggest Accomplishment

Valentine’s Day at home. Since Hubs and I are both eating the same way, our celebration together was very relaxed. I didn’t have to worry about him showing up with a box of chocolates I would feel obligated to eat so his feelings weren’t hurt, which was nice. Celebrating Valentine’s Day while losing weight is a lot more fun when you’re in it together.

He surprised me in the morning by waking up early and making a special breakfast. Then, after work I lit some candles and served our dinner on the china we have for special occasions.

How was your week?

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Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

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  1. Joanne

    Aw, that’s sweet that you and your husband embarked on a weight loss journey together; my husband and I have done the same thing this past year and together we’ve lost close to 90 lbs! But I absolutely am hoping for a SMALL box of chocolates on Valentine’s day.

    1. Amanda

      That’s amazing! Congratulations to you and your husband both, Joanne!

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