Confidence for Women: It’s More Complicated

Confidence for Women: It’s More Complicated

Let’s face it, we women have a tendency to struggle more with confidence than our male counterparts. I don’t know about you, but I know that I get in my head too much. One second, I’ll be going about my day just fine. The next, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror at a weird angle, or see a photo I was tagged in on Facebook, or stumble over my words in a meeting, and suddenly it’s all I can think about. Confidence for women doesn’t come from others’ approval, it comes from within.

Confidence for Women is More Complicated Than for Men


I know, I push this point a lot. But a positive attitude is always going to take you far in goal accomplishment. Half the battle really is just believing in yourself and knowing deep in your heart that you can do anything you set your mind to.

If you’ve set your mind to improving your self-confidence you’ve got to approach it with positivity. Remind yourself regularly that you have every right to feel confident in what you are doing. Find ways to turn your negative thoughts to positive ones and you’re well on your way to a more confident you.

It’s Not About Changing Yourself

There was a time when I thought I couldn’t be confident until I lost weight. I really believed that there was no way I could confidently stand in front of others for a presentation or walk alone into a restaurant unless I was smaller. Well, I lost 40 pounds and I didn’t gain any confidence.

Then, I began putting focused effort into improving my self-confidence, and I even gained my 40 pounds right back. But it was all okay. Once I found my confidence, I couldn’t lose it again. You don’t have to change yourself to feel confident, you just have to change the way you think about yourself.

But It’s Okay to Improve Yourself Along the Way

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t make life improvements, though! If you find that there are aspects of yourself or your life that you wish to change, make those changes! Just don’t make those changes hoping they will automatically increase your self-confidence. Make those changes for you if you truly believe they will make you happy.

Spend Some Time Alone with Your Thoughts

As you embark upon your confidence journey, consider journaling and meditation. I’ve always been a huge proponent for Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning. This method includes daily journaling, affirmations and meditation, and all three were instrumental in improving my own self-confidence.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Spend a little time alone with your thoughts and do what you can to turn those thoughts as positive as possible.

Confidence for Women Doesn’t Come from External Approval

Confidence for women comes from within, period. We have to spend time with our thoughts to sort them out and determine which are rational and which are ridiculous. And, we need to learn to love ourselves exactly as we are.

Then, if there’s something to improve upon, it can be worked toward and accomplished from a place of love instead of hate. We may not have the natural confidence of our husbands, but we have the ability to go through life with great confidence. So, let’s get to work.

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Confidence for Women is More Complicated Than for Men

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