Fitness Motivation Should be More Than Skin-Deep

Fitness Motivation Should be More Than Skin-Deep

“I just want to be able to wear a bikini again.” How many of us have thought, heard or even said that phrase? Or, what about “I’m sweating for the wedding.” Shouldn’t fitness and health be more sustainable than that? I believe that fitness motivation should be more than skin-deep.

Our Fitness Motivation Should be More Than Skin-Deep

Fitness Motivation That’s Greater Than You

The people who I see really maintain their healthy lifestyles are those who have a motivator bigger than themselves. These are the people who want to be around to see their grandchildren graduate from high school, or who want to have a strong and healthy body to support future pregnancies.

A Longer Life

Another great motivation for a healthy lifestyle is the desire to live a long and comfortable life. Sometimes, this is realized after a health scare, bringing to light the value of a healthy body. I also know people who deal with long-term health conditions, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to maintaining their condition and their overall health.

To simply understand what others go through in order to stay happy and comfortable can really give a new perspective to the idea of health and fitness. If you are already generally healthy, and your primary goal becomes to stay that way, not to shed an extra 5 pounds for a “bikini body,” suddenly eating a few more vegetables and a few less cookies becomes an easier choice.

A Goal to Accomplish

Do you have a fitness-related goal you’d like to accomplish someday? Maybe you’d like to run a marathon, or climb Mt. Rainier? Huge goals like this take hours upon hours of training and endurance. In the process of properly preparing yourself for a major endurance event such as climbing a tall mountain, you’re naturally going to need to maintain a healthier body through exercise and healthy eating.

Training for a huge goal can set some really healthy habits that you’re likely to maintain even after accomplishing your goal. In fact, once accomplished you may find that you want to continue setting new goals and constantly be training for something. The sky’s the limit!

Preparing Your Immune System

Of course, a major lesson we’ve all learned in 2020 is the importance of a strong immune system. The desire to keep your immune system strong and keep your body disease-free is a very healthy motivator for fitness.

It’s Not About Appearances

Fitness motivation should be more than just wanting to look good for the summer or for an event. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be fit or in shape, but to truly maintain a healthy lifestyle, the goal needs to be more meaningful than that. Take a second to think or journal or call a friend and figure out what your deeper motivation is for getting healthy. Can you sustain it?

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Our Fitness Motivation Should be More Than Skin-Deep

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