Healthy Camping Snacks Made Easy

Healthy Camping Snacks Made Easy

Since we camp a lot, Hubs and I try to pack healthy camping snacks when we head off for a weekend away. It’s nice to have some treats, here and there, but when camping is an almost-every-weekend event, at some point we need to calm down a little. I used to pack really complicated snacks that took hours to prepare. Over the years, I’ve really begun to lean more toward the simple tried and true healthy camping snacks.


I love to pack macadamia nuts, cashews and almonds to have as snacks in the truck on the way to our destination and with our lunches during the camping trip. Pistachios make for a great campfire snack since you wind up eating them slower and can throw the shells on the fire.


The less prep-work involved with veggies, the better! For camping, I like to bring things like baby carrots, turnips, radishes and sugar snap peas.


Cheddar is, of course, a staple. But on a weekend camping trip, it’s nice to have some variety too! I usually slice some cheddar and shred some cheddar for easy use for snacking and for adding to recipes and then I’ll bring cheese sticks and maybe a few other varieties of cheeses to share like a good smoked gouda, garlic cheese curds or a yummy bread cheese to melt in the skillet.

Slightly Processed Stuff

As much as we try to avoid really processed foods, there is a benefit to having some packaged foods along on a camping trip. A few of my favorites are Whisps, Moon Cheese, Grain-Free Ranch Tortilla Chips and Pork Rinds.

Keep Healthy Camping Snacks Simple

The fun of camping is getting away, unplugging and destressing with your favorite people. The food you eat while you’re doing that shouldn’t add to your stress. If you want to focus on healthy camping snacks, try to keep them simple by packing things like nuts, easy to manage vegetables, cheese and maybe even some healthier versions of processed foods. Don’t stress yourself out over eating healthy while away.

What else would you add to my healthy camping snacks list?

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