Camping Sweet Potato Bowls

Camping Sweet Potato Bowls

To me, camping has always produced thoughts of indulgent foods that I wouldn’t allow myself to have at home. The problem is, me and my husband, our friends and our family all really love camping. And we do it often enough that I can’t indulge all weekend every time and successfully maintain my health. So, I’ve had to get creative in coming up with some easy, healthy camping breakfast recipes and other snacks and meals that still feel special while camping. These Sweet Potato Bowls are the perfect camping breakfast recipe with no eggs.

Camping Breakfast Recipe | No Eggs | Sweet Potato Bowls

Pre-Cook What You Can

Step one of the recipe includes prepping the bacon and the yams at home before leaving on your camping trip. This is my preferred method because it’s so much easier to oven-roast them in a large oven at home on big sheet pans than in a tiny trailer oven or a portable oven.

But Don’t Beat Yourself Up if You Don’t Have Time

Sometimes though, there just isn’t enough time between work and getting packed up to go to worry about pre-cooking the weekend’s food.

And. That’s. Okay!

The whole point of pre-cooking your ingredients is to eliminate stress. If it’s going to add to yours stress, just pack everything up and do it at camp. 

It’s Healthy and Delicious

Truly, this is such a good grain-free option with simple, natural ingredients. It comes together easily and really does taste indulgent. I wrote it as an egg-free option because my husband isn’t the biggest egg fan, so I’m constantly looking for egg alternatives for healthy breakfast options, and I know I’m not alone.

That said, if you wanted to scramble up a couple of eggs and throw them in the bowl, I’m sure that would be amazing too! (And if you do, let me know in the comments!)

Camping Breakfast Sweet Potato Hash Recipe (with no eggs!)

By pre-cooking some of my ingredients, I’m able to pull this breakfast together quickly at camp. This makes it so much easier to stick to a healthy, grain-free meal plan and still enjoy the camping trip. Happy camping! (scroll down for recipe)

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Camping Sweet Potato Bowls

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