Friday Update 01/26/2018

Friday Update 01/26/2018

Weekly Weight Loss Update

Today, I am down 0 pounds from last Friday, 8 pounds overall! To maintain my weight while also trying to manage PMS relief was an accomplishment all of its own.

Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

This Week’s Biggest Challenge – PMS Relief

In all honesty, this week has been the “particular” week of the month when it’s difficult for me to maintain a positive spirit. I’ve been fighting myself all week to feel good about my appearance, find some PMS relief and to just be kind to those around me.

Recently, I’ve found a few ways to keep my good attitude. What works best for me is to stick to a routine, avoid missing my morning walk, drink tea, wear loose-fitting clothing and keep my schedule as clear as possible . . .

You can ask Hubs, but I think I’ve done a great job of it this time around!

This Week’s Biggest Accomplishment

First of all, I’m always happy to maintain, and not gain weight.

But, in other news: on Sunday, I made a roast with veggies for Family Dinner. We wound up with a good amount of leftover veggies. Hubs thought it might be nice to use those for a soup.

I wound up making an okay soup on Monday (more watery than I’d planned on, but edible). That made enough leftovers to freeze several servings and still feed us dinner all week.

Well, Wednesday night, I decided to use the leftover soup as a base for a better, creamier soup. I added a bag of frozen onions & bell peppers, some cream and a roux made from butter and peanut powder, along with some seasonings. The soup was totally transformed and still really healthy!

How was your week?

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Weekly Friday Update | Join Me in my Journey with Health

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