Women Who Inspire Wellness: Stick with the Slow and Steady

Women Who Inspire Wellness: Stick with the Slow and Steady

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s time for another installment of Women Who Inspire Wellness. Today, we get to learn more about the blogger behind Courting the Extraordinary, Courtney Dennee. Courtney has been on a long and consistent journey with wellness. In fact, some advice that she shares is to take your health journey slow and steady for lasting results.

Take Your Health Journey Slow and Steady for Lasting Results

Simple Meals

Courtney and her family don’t eat according to any specific diet. They are big into fresh fruits and veggies and they keep dairy and carbs in the rotation. That said, they are very conscious of what has the most nutrition and try to eat in a way that supports the body well. Nothing is off limits, but they generally eat healthy, simple meals.

Self-Care in the Morning

Similar to Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning, which I love to incorporate into my day, Courtney likes to get up between four and five every morning. This gives her the opportunity for uninterrupted self-care, consisting of quiet alone time, reading, praying, thinking and journaling with essential oils diffusing and sometimes even some music playing. She also enjoys exercising during this time in the morning. That exercise always includes a minimum 30-minute walk with the dog. She also runs 3-6 miles a few times each week, does yoga, barre blend and other full body HIIT-type workouts at home regularly.

All of this rolls nicely right into the time she spends on work and passion projects. Sounds like the perfect morning.

It’s Not Always Going to Go According to Plan

Courtney is inspired by so many people she has encountered and learned from over the course of her journey. She is inspired by the steadfast love of her mom, the work ethic of her mother-in-law, and the pure beauty, enthusiasm and vibrancy of her young daughter. She also loves the Winston Churchill quote, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”

This has hit home for her because “in life most things don’t go according to your plan exactly but those who are achieving their dreams or working towards goals are more successful when they have a plan so it’s that mix of going with the flow and yet still working toward your plans. It’s an essential dance that we do.”

Take Your Health Journey Slow and Steady – You Can Do It

I asked Courtney if she could start her journey with wellness over again if she would do anything differently and she said she wouldn’t. She’s really proud of the way she went about slowly doing more than she felt capable of. She took it at a pace that was manageable and even enjoyable by taking good care of her mind, body and soul in order to live her life well.

Courting the Extraordinary

Courtney is an extraordinary woman with a gift of words to share with the world. Be sure to pay her a visit over at ww.courtingtheextraordinary.com.

She says that the most important lesson she’s learned since beginning her journey toward a healthier lifestyle is that you are always more capable than you think you are.

I’ll leave you with that.

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Take Your Health Journey Slow and Steady for Lasting Results

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