My Non-Toxic Skincare Routine

My Non-Toxic Skincare Routine

As my thirtieth year lurks around the corner, skincare has become more and more important in my life. And, as is the case in all aspects of my self-care and home cleaning, finding excellent non-toxic products for my skincare is of the utmost importance. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you likely saw an email from me a couple of months ago that briefly described my non-toxic skincare routine. That email generated quite a bit of conversation, and I decided a more detailed post was in order.

So, here are all the details you never knew you needed to know about how I keep my skin clean and young.

Non-Toxic Skincare Routine | Paraben Free Skincare | Clean Skincare

Night Routine

My non-toxic skincare routine each night before bed is definitely the most important. It’s a little more involved than the morning routine, but it’s important to remove all makeup and give your skin the opportunity to replenish overnight.

Wash Off Makeup

Step One is to wash off all makeup. I keep a glass jar of coconut oil on a warming plate in my bathroom which holds the coconut oil in a liquid form. When I’m ready to wash my face, I dip a few fingers into the oil, rub my hands together, then slather the oil all over my face until all makeup is removed.

Then, I use a hot, wet washcloth to remove the oil.

There is a lot of information out there saying that coconut oil should not be used on the face. The issue is that it doesn’t penetrate the skin, it simply sits on top of the skin, which eventually can clog your pores. When I asked my aesthetician about this, she said continued use of coconut oil as a makeup remover was perfectly safe, and the antibacterial properties are even helpful. However, if I was going to keep doing this, I still needed to follow up with a cleanser to fully remove the oil from my face.


Through my research for a kickass DIY facial cleanser, I came across this intriguing article from Kale & Caramel. She explains that honey does the trick because it’s antibacterial (less acne, quicker recovery when you do have acne); it’s a preservative (anti-aging); it’s a moisture regulator (while cleansing, it also draws moisture back into your skin); and it’s a pH regulator (“preserves the skin’s acid mantle and regulates your skin’s natural pH”).

So, I scooped some honey out of our 3-pound jar in the kitchen, put it into a smaller jar and brought it up to the bathroom cabinet where it has lived ever since.

I like to let it crystalize a little, as this adds some exfoliation too. Crystalized or not though, after I wash off my makeup, I scoop a small amount of honey into my hands (maybe a teaspoon at most) and I slather that all over my face. Then, I remove it with a hot, wet washcloth just like I did with the coconut oil.

This honey from Shipwreck Apiaries is all we buy in our household. It may seem like a hefty price upfront, but here’s the deal: It’s worth every penny. Plus, it’s really not as expensive as it may seem. For three pounds of honey you’re paying $47.50. In 7 months I haven’t even used ¼ of that 3-pound jar to wash my face. So, at $47.50 a jar, it’s under $20 for a year’s-worth of cleanser.

That’s unheard-of pricing for incredible skincare!

Vitamin C Serum

After I’ve cleansed, next up is my Vitamin C Serum. I added Vitamin C Serum to my routine at the recommendation of my aesthetician. It’s great for all skin types, feels light and smells amazing. Two pumps is plenty and should easily cover your full face.

Vitamin C Serum is beneficial for all skin types and assists with anti-aging and brightening.


Right over the top of my Vitamin C Serum, I add several pumps of one of my two favorite wellness oils that work well as moisturizers. Honestly, it depends on where I am in my cycle to decide which oil I moisturize with.

Most of the time, I use Glow. This oil is also formulated to brighten and for anti-aging.

However, I usually go through about a week in each cycle where I develop a little acne. Once I see that coming on, I switch over to Zit Split. This oil clears acne quick and deeply moisturizes at the same time.

Eye Cream

Finally, I throw some Under Eye Cooling Jelly, well, under my eyes. As a lifetime allergy sufferer, I’ve always had horrible, dark circles under my eyes, and this jelly is helping to reduce them. I hope someday that they’ll be gone completely, but for now I’m happy to see they are going down. I use this jelly at night because it tends to dry a little like elmer’s glue dried on your hands as a kid. It peels off, but it looks dry and flaky and isn’t really conducive to having makeup put on over the top.

Morning Routine

The morning routine is even more simple. First thing when I wake up each morning, I rinse my face with warm water, paying special attention to rinsing off what remains of the under eye cooling jelly. Next, I reapply one pump of my Vitamin C Serum and several more pumps of whichever moisturizer I’m using at the moment. Then, I use a little Under Eye Nourishing Cream to further work to reduce those undereye circles. This cream absorbs better into the skin than the jelly does, so it can stay on all day with makeup over the top.

Bonus Tip for Amazingly Soft Hands

After each step of the way, I rub any excess product that remains on my hands all over the backs of my hands. My hands have never been so soft!

Non-Toxic Skincare = Best Skin Ever

So, there you have it! All in all, my non-toxic skincare routine really doesn’t take long each day to complete, a couple of minutes at most. But the benefits are almost immediate. My skin is the healthiest, smoothest, and softest it’s ever been and I am confident that it will continue to look young for years to come.

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Non-Toxic Skincare Routine | Paraben Free Skincare | Clean Skincare

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