When You’re Considering a Career Change

When You’re Considering a Career Change

Do you wake up dreading the start of your work day and feel like you’re on the wrong career path? Are you really on the wrong career path, or are you doubting yourself? Chances are, you’re doubting yourself, and you need to learn how to build on your self-confidence.

How to Build Career Self-Confidence | You Don’t Need a Job Change

Someone Believes in You

What kind of a relationship do you have with the person who hired you? Would you feel comfortable asking her why she chose you for your role? Ultimately, whoever made the hire saw something in you and believed in the unique strengths that you could bring to the position. If you are still in touch with this person or still working with them and feel comfortable asking, this could be a life-changing conversation.

If you don’t want to ask your supervisor (or past supervisor), consider a conversation with a colleague (past or present). Find someone who believes in you or works well with you and get some insight on what they believe you have to offer. You may be surprised by what you hear, and ultimately hearing about your strengths can build your self-confidence in and of itself.

Consider Adding a Miracle Morning to Your Day

I’ve not been shy in the past about my love for Miracle Mornings. Adding a morning routine to your day including exercise, meditation and positive affirmations can be a total game-changer. Of course, I’m an advocate for the full Miracle Morning (Meditation, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Journaling), but if you had to choose just a few for self-confidence, exercise, meditation and affirmations will get you the most bang for your time.

Really, just adding a morning walk to your day can do the trick. Ditch the headphones and you’ll reap the benefits of meditation while you’re getting your exercise. Then, you can run your positive affirmations through your mind for the second half of your walk.

Some affirmations to consider for career self-confidence:

  • “I’m great at my job.”
  • “I’m in the right career for me.”
  • “I make good career choices.”
  • “I am the best at xyz work task.”

Work on Tasks You Enjoy

If you’re having a particularly tough day or just feeling really down on yourself, find something to work on that you really enjoy.

Obviously, we all have to do things in our jobs and our careers that we don’t love. But if you are suffering from a severe lack of self-confidence and it’s affecting your work, take a break from the difficult task and do something you enjoy more. You’ll still be productive and doing your work, and when you come back to the more difficult, frustrating, or painfully boring task you’ll be refreshed and able to tackle it from a new perspective.

Keep a Small Notebook Handy

The ultimate way to build self-confidence in your career though, is to keep a little “career journal.” You don’t need to take the time every day to journal about your full work day. You don’t even need to write it every day.

You do, however, need to keep this thing nearby at your workstation. Have it readily available so at those times you are feeling your absolute worst, it’s there for you. In those moments when you feel like you want to cry, or quit, or both, you can quickly grab your journal and write down three things that you are great at in your career.

That’s it!

In the moments you feel your worst and you are convinced you shouldn’t be in the career you’re in, you need to remind yourself why you are, and you will almost instantly feel better and more confident.

Build Career Self-Confidence First

If you’re doubting your career choices, all hope isn’t lost! Before jumping ship, spend a little time working on yourself, you may just be surprised what you find out. Self-confidence can make or break a career. Putting time and energy into things like a self-improvement routine, talking to the people who do believe in you, and reminding yourself of what you already know you do well will do wonders to help you build that self-confidence in your career choice.

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How to Build Career Self-Confidence | You Don’t Need a Job Change

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