Who Can Help You Meet a Huge Health Goal?

Who Can Help You Meet a Huge Health Goal?

So, you’re wondering who can help you meet a huge health goal? While coaches are always an option, I also choose to turn to my family for support. With the support of your family, you can accomplish any well-being goal with greater ease.

Who Can Help You Meet a Huge Health Goal | Family Support

Share Your Goal with Your Loved Ones

The first step toward any goal is sharing it with someone else. With well-being goals, we tend to be shy, saying things like “work hard in silence and let the results speak for themselves.” But let’s be honest here. Weight loss, stress reduction, eliminating parabens and harmful ingredients, and building a healthy sleep routine are all really tough to do. Wouldn’t it be easier to handle if you had someone to talk to about it?

Share Your Plan for Goal Accomplishment with Someone

Once you’ve shared your goal with someone (or several someones!), if they’ve expressed interest in what you’re doing, take it step further. Tell them how you plan to accomplish this goal. Or, if you’re not sure ask how they would do it! Have a real conversation and let this person know how you are feeling about the task ahead of you, what one thing you will do every day to work toward your goal, and how you will measure your success.

Ask That Someone to Hold You Accountable

Finally, ask if they would be willing to hold you accountable. You can do this in any way that makes sense for you both. If you’re going to commit to cutting sugar out of your daily diet and need someone to talk you off the ledge whenever you’re tempted, ask if you can text them when a treat crosses your path. Or, maybe you’re going to try to be in bed by 8:30 every night and you want to call your accountability partner once a week to let them know how many times that week you made it to bed on time. Perhaps your family member can help you find the most affordable paraben- and aluminum-free deodorant. Whatever it is, ask if they would be willing to help, and then hold your end of the commitment.

Your Family is Who Can Help You Meet a Huge Health Goal

I’ve often wondered who can help you meet a huge health goal, and every time I’ve had a new goal to set, I’ve wound up seeking the support of my family. Even if they aren’t actively working toward the same goal, they are always my biggest fans and will do anything to help me achieve mine. Like with anything, though, it starts with you. If you want to enlist the help of your family, you need to be willing to ask for that help. Talk about your goal, your plan to meet it, and tell them how they can help. Then, ask if that is something they are willing to do. Who do you lean on for support in goal achievement?

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Who Can Help You Meet a Huge Health Goal | Family Support

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