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Finding My Road to Enchantment

For better or worse, I accepted moving was my destiny, opened the door, and stepped into the truck.” ~Kaya McLaren

The Road to Enchantment - Kaya McLaren

This isn’t my typical book review

Last night I finished reading a wonderful book.

The Road to Enchantment” by Kaya McLaren is fictional story that captured my heart from page one.

The Story

The main character, Willow, finds herself pregnant and alone in the world when her boyfriend of 3 years breaks up with her to pursue a career with his band and her mother passes away. Of course, both of theses major events happen on the same day.

Willow was originally from my hometown of Enumclaw. But, as a young teen, her mother moved her to a remote farm in New Mexico.

This farm is where she needs to go to settle her mother’s estate. This farm also happens to be where she learns that her dreams for her life can take new forms.

How I Connected

The Road to Enchantment is a lovely story of a woman truly finding herself, where she belongs in the world, and understanding that she was never alone.

While my life is not nearly this dramatic and interesting, I connected to the story on so many levels.

I love the occasional references to Enumclaw (written as only a local could do it). Even more than that, though, I deeply connect with the main character’s struggle of growing up with divorced parents, her inner-battle of self-discovery and acceptance, and learning that, even when she feels the most unlovable, she has a family and a community who love her.

This heartwarming book will bring laughter, tears, and a glimpse into your own soul, I highly recommend it.

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