Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

“Never overlook the power of simplicity.” ~Robin S. Sharma

As I’ve mentioned previously, 2017 was a whirlwind of activity in my life. I kind of lost track of my goals and where I was headed.

So, it worked out great that the huge commitments Hubs and I had in our lives came to a close with the New Year. While it isn’t a resolution attitude we have (we’ve both known for months that we needed to get healthy again), the timing is great since this time of year there are so many great resources and other people who are feeling enthusiastic about health and fitness.

Starting Over

Since I’ve been eating like crap and exercising less, I have officially reached my original “starting weight.”

That’s right, I have gained back the 40 pounds I lost before and am truly starting over from square one.

The great part about this though, is that the task feels less daunting. I know I can do it because I have before.

But This Time, I’m Keeping it Simple

When I really got into my fitness and nutritional habits back in 2015, I took it to an extreme.

Meal prep for a week’s worth of lunches would typically take about 4 hours and I was working out 2-3 hours each day. 

On top of that, just in case I didn’t stick to my meal plan, I tracked every calorie and my macros by hand.

This method was effective, but there were times it caused me more stress than I can handle long-term.

That’s why this time around, I’m going for something more sustainable.

Hubs is a big fan of Adam Corolla, and through his podcast, we discovered Vinnie Tortorich. Vinnie recommends cutting out sugars and grains.

We are keeping it that easy!

No counting, no crazy recipes. We’re just eating real foods, avoiding those grains, and stopping eating when we don’t feel hungry anymore.

So, What Do We Eat?

Last night, we enjoyed a steak salad with sparkling water for dinner. Simple and delicious.

Stay tuned!

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