I’m Afraid of My Bathroom Scale

I’m Afraid of My Bathroom Scale

I’m afraid of my bathroom scale. But I’ll get to that later. Lately, I’ve been really on-again, off-again with my goals, my progress, my routine, everything in my life, really. In the past six months alone, it’s been difficult maintaining a healthy weight through a busy time in life:

  1. We got married in December
  2. We began the process of purchasing our house in January
  3. I sustained a foot injury and wore an air cast for a month
  4. While in the air cast, we bought the house and moved into it in February
  5. I was one of three leads on a major project at work between March and April
  6. We hosted our Wedding Reception this past weekend, which of course we planned for and worked toward while everything else was going on

“The road to success is always under construction.”
​~Arnold Palmer

“The road to success is always under construction.” ​~Arnold Palmer

So, What’s Changed?

When I began my journey with weight loss, I was single and living alone. My only worries outside of my job were caring for myself and my dog, Bentley.

About three months in (and twenty pounds down), Hubs and I started dating, which added to my outside-of-work commitments, but still didn’t change too much with my goals and progress toward meeting them.

I was lucky enough to be dating an extremely understanding and supportive man, who stood by me even when I got a little bit crazy with my workouts and my meal prep, and it didn’t make any sense to him.

Then, I started this blog to share my progress and all the wonderful hints and tips I had collected throughout my journey. What a great way to log and share all this knowledge I was gaining!

That was right before the six previously mentioned life events.

Learning About Maintaining a Healthy Weight Through a Busy Time in Life

I’m allowing my work outs to take a back burner. When I pump out one blog post, it’s been a great week, and I’m living off leftover potato salad and cake from our reception.

Even prior to the Way-Too-Much-Food-For-A-Noon-Wedding-Reception Fiasco of 2017, I was eating poorly a little more often than could just be a called a treat every now and again.

Before the Week of the Chocolate Cake that Wouldn’t End, last I checked I was up 20 pounds from my lowest weight. And I can say with 100% confidence that it wasn’t muscle.

Just yesterday I had to change my pants before work because the ones I had tried squeezing myself into were way too tight for comfort. (Please note that these same pants were so big on me just two months ago that they looked like pajamas.) Suffice it to say, maintaining a healthy weight through a busy time in life has proven to be a major challenge for me.

This is why I am afraid of my bathroom scale.

My scale’s batteries died about a month ago and can’t bring myself to replace them. I’m in a total state of denial that I’m not ready to leave.

What I know is that I am not completing the daily tasks that brought me success before, I’m carrying more weight in my wedding reception pictures than I was in my wedding pictures from six months ago, and my clothes don’t fit properly anymore.

I need to stop letting life just happen to me and take action again. It’s time to replace the batteries in the bathroom scale to get some real numbers to work with.

It’s time to set some new goals and crush them, then show my understanding of maintaining a healthy weight through busy times in life.

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“The road to success is always under construction.” ​~Arnold Palmer

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