PLAN Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

PLAN Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~Unknown

When I began my journey with fat loss and healthier living, I quickly realized that blindly trying to do “healthy things” wasn’t going to get my anywhere. I had to PLAN my way to a healthier me:



If you are trying to make a change, your health and well-being must become a priority. If you don’t already use a day-planner or a scheduling app, it’s time to start.

You should have time blocks on your calendar every day for exercise (it doesn’t matter how long you exercise each day, so long as it is more than you were doing before). Time must be on your calendar each week for meal planning, as well as meal prepping.

The books and magazines you read should be about health and nutrition.

Your health should be on your mind all day every day.


Soak up all there is to know about taking care of you!

It is so important to learn about your own body, calorie consumption vs. calorie burn, macronutrients and healthier ways to cook in general.

Hire a coach or a personal trainer who can share his or her knowledge with you on a regular basis and read something (books, blogs, magazines!!) every day to support your goals.


Get up and move your body Every. Single. Day.

This doesn’t mean that you should jump right into intense workouts that leave you feeling run-down. Ease into it. Start with a daily walk, 10 calf-raises per day, 5 push-ups each day . . . it doesn’t matter how you start, as long as you are doing more than you were yesterday.

As your body becomes accustomed to daily exercise, you can begin to build more on this and work from walking to running, or adding more repetitions to your push-ups.


How you feed your body is so important to your health and your fat loss. You should be eating about 6 small meals each day and should never, ever skip breakfast.

Work with a dietician or a personal trainer to determine how many calories you should be consuming each day to meet your goals in a healthy fashion, then plan your meals each week to ensure that you stay consistent with your calorie consumption. Avoid the center of the grocery store and focus on eating real foods.

The most important piece of putting together your PLAN for a healthier you, is to make a commitment to take action immediately.

What will the first step of your new PLAN be?!

What will the first step of your new PLAN be?!

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