You Can’t Wish Yourself Thin, So Get to Work!

You Can’t Wish Yourself Thin, So Get to Work!

A former me spent a lot of time wishing she was thinner. What I found, though was that I never truly saw results until I put forth the effort to make a plan and stick to it. Then, I created huge results with small, consistent efforts each day. Lately, I’ve had a lot going on in my life, and as a result I have gained back about 20 of the 40 pounds I lost last year. I could sit around and feel sorry for myself, but that’s never really worked for me before.  Now that the dust has settled and Hubs and I are falling back into our normal routines, it’s time to take action for health.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work!

The Past Four Months

The past four months have been extremely busy for me:

I got engaged at the end of October, married in December and my husband and I just moved into the home we’ve purchased . . . we are still unpacking.

With all of these huge moments happening so closely together, I allowed some of my efforts to fall to the back burner. On top of it all, I am currently working to heal a foot injury.

My Recent Motivators to Take Action for Health

In the past week, I have run into two people who I hadn’t seen in roughly two years. Both people commented on my weight and how I am “looking so great,” mentioning that they almost didn’t recognize me due to my drastic weight loss.

I thought to myself, “Wow! If only they’d seen me 6 months ago!”

These serendipitous moments served as a wonderful reminder that I have not failed at all. If I get back to work now this weight gain will be only a tiny speed bump in my journey.

Life is calming down, and my weight is still down in the scheme of things.

I’m getting back to work to take action for health.

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Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work!

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