How I Finally Lost Weight After Trying (and Failing) for Years

How I Finally Lost Weight After Trying (and Failing) for Years

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ​~Thomas A. Edison


Two pictures of the same woman in the same dress taken 11 months apart . . . what's the secret?


I spent some time today looking at photos from two and three years ago, and what I saw amazed me. Even in photos where you can only see my face, it’s a different face than the one in the mirror today.

Today’s face is happier and healthier. I’d tried and failed weight loss strategies in the past, but right around the time my “before” photo (above) was taken in 2015, I’d had enough.

I set a huge weight loss goal, and then tried not to think too much about it while I focused on my daily routine.

Focus on your daily tasks, and before you know it, you’ll be meeting your goals!


The “Before” Photo

I posed for the photo on the left in May of 2015. At that time, none of my jeans fit me anymore and I cried in the fitting room every time I tried to buy new ones.

This dress (one of my all-time favorites) barely fit anymore and was so tight that it wound up showing up shorter on me than it should have.

The woman in the photo from May of 2015 had given up on diets and exercise routines several times before. She had a collection of “before” photos, but no “after” photos.

That woman cringed at photos of herself and wore leggings all the time because they were all that would fit. She was constantly mending clothing that had torn because it was too stretched when she wore it.

That woman thought little of herself, and she dated men with similar opinions of her.


What Changed When I Decided to Try One More Time

Then, in September of 2015, that woman decided to try just one more time. I made a decision and got started. I got to work on my body, but I also got to work on my soul.

The photo on the right was taken in June of 2016 – less than a year into my journey with fitness (same dress!!).

While I began to run, and prepare healthy foods, I also began to remind myself that I was worth all of this.


Remembering That I Deserve to Feel Healthy

While I was working on my physical health, I also worked on my opinion of myself as I was, day in and day out.

Ultimately, the more I told myself that I deserved to feel healthy, and even beautiful, the easier it became to put in the work to achieve my goals.

Time flew by. I can hardly believe that the days of crying in the fitting room are a memory now.

No matter how many times you have tried before, all it takes is just one more try.

Make a commitment to yourself, because you deserve it.

A New Woman

2015 Amanda is gone. In her place is a bright and confident woman who decided to give health one last-ditch effort, and finally succeeded.

By reminding myself that I am worthy of a healthy body, and making small, gradual changes to my daily routine, I finally achieved my ultimate goal . . . and you can, too.


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