How My Daily Walk Has Improved My Self-Confidence

How My Daily Walk Has Improved My Self-Confidence

I like to start each day with a quick walk with my dogs. It’s not something I’ve always done, but once I started, it became an addiction. One of the most surprising benefits of walking each day has been improved self-confidence.

My morning walking routine has helped me to improve my self-confidence over the years.

There’s Something About Fresh Air

No matter the weather, getting out in the fresh air does something to help clear my head, help me see the bigger picture, and calm me in a way that can’t be replicated indoors.

Benefits of Walking: It’s Exercise

In a 2016 study, physical activity was found to be both directly and indirectly associated with self-esteem. As such, physical activity is recommended to be particularly promoted among adults reporting lower self-esteem.

Walking, especially if you have dogs, is a wonderful way to incorporate light physical activity into your day.

Benefits of Walking: It’s Meditation

I know that a lot of people enjoy listening to music or podcasts while out for a long walk. But I find that taking a nice, long walk in an area away from busy roads, such as a park or a wooded trail without headphones is almost like a form of meditation. With no headphones, I can hear the sound of birds chirping and the breeze blowing by leaves, and I can focus on my breath.

Furthermore, a study headed by psychology researcher Philippe Goldwin found that Mindful-Based Stress Reduction was tied to more positive self-image in participants after two months. Mindful-Based Stress Reduction is a type of meditation that helps you to focus your attention on something simple like breathing or walking.

My Favorite Daily Routine

There are so many health benefits of walking, but I truly believe that my daily walk has been instrumental in building my self-confidence. Exercise and meditation are both proven methods for confidence-building, and in my opinion, a brisk walk outdoors is both.

Do you have a favorite walking routine?

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My morning walking routine has helped me to improve my self-confidence over the years.

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