How to Get Your PhD . . . In YOU!

How to Get Your PhD . . . In YOU!

So often, after finishing an enlightening book, I feel overwhelmed. I usually have a hard time deciding where to begin with my next, big step, or which new tool to use first. The tagline for the book I’ve most recently read, Get a PhD in You, by Julie Reisler is “A Course in Miraculous Self-Discovery,” and that could not be more accurate.

The beautiful book that came at the perfect time in my life

Active Reading

In Get a PhD in You, by Julie Reisler, there are Q&A sections, pages to journal about what you just read, and activities to get up and complete as you work your way through the book. So, instead of reading through the full book, then deciding where to take action first, you are taking action while you read.

Get a PhD in You Came at the Perfect Time for Me

This is so much more than just a book.

Focusing on myself (emotionally and in my time-management) is one of my major focuses for 2017. So, I truly feel that this book came to me at the perfect time.

Each section of the book highlights an area that I feel is important for me to improve upon this year. Now that I have read Get a PhD in You in its entirety, I am so excited to go back through at the pace it was intended. I’d like to really focus on releasing my fears, re-framing my language to use positive words and dig into affirmations.

I’d also like to examine my relationship with food. It’s time for me to truly learn to view food as nourishment for my body, not as comfort.

The Author is Relatable

Julie is the type of woman who I strive to be. I feel like, by writing Get a PhD in You, she has handed me the manual to make it happen!

What I love about the way that Julie writes is her pure honesty. Throughout the book, she shares personal stories about her own struggles. Her struggles were primarily with food and her weight, divorce and feelings of inadequacy.

Each story is shared in such a way that even if you have never experienced what she is discussing, it relates completely to something else that you may have been through.

I’m a Better Person for Reading It

This book is written in a way that made me a better person simply for having read it. To go back and actively apply the tools provided to my own life will undoubtedly help me to become a genuinely more positive, helpful and contributing member of society.

Find Your Copy!

Get a PhD in You is an enjoyable read at the same time as it forces you to take a hard look at yourself to make improvements. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand herself, or for a guide to get them through as they work toward their goals.

You can buy the book here.

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The beautiful book that came at the perfect time in my life

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