Merry Christmas to All and to All a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas! I’ve been reflecting over the past couple of weeks, thinking about my love of the Christmas season, and the little details that make this time of year so special. Let’s hold onto the Christmas Spirit all year long next year.

Let’s hold onto the Christmas Spirit all through the next year.

Why I Want to Hold Onto the Christmas Spirit

There are so many reasons to love the Christmas season. I love the excuses to get together with family and friends, the food and the smells. Most of all though, I love the Christmas Spirit.


A huge part of the Christmas Spirit is the pure generosity shown by most people. This time of year, just about everywhere you look there is a donation bin collecting anything from warm coats to food to toys. There are volunteer opportunities everywhere you turn. And, everyone just wants to give gifts to all the wonderful people in their lives.


Surrounded by all that generosity, it’s just about impossible not to catch that positivity. The music is uplifting, and it seems that everywhere I go, the people are happy as can be.


On top of it all, everything is just a little more beautiful in December. Twinkle lights, wreaths, and stockings hung with care by each mantle add to the enchantment. And don’t get me started on the views if it snows!

This time of year, to find something gorgeous to sit and stare at for a bit is easy. What if we could hold onto that the rest of the year, by seeking out the beauty in the world each day?

Calm Amongst the Chaos

My absolute favorite part of the Christmas season, and the primary reason I want to hold onto the Christmas spirit all next year, is the sense calm you can find. I hear all the time about how chaotic Christmas shopping is, and how busy and rushed and disorganized everyone feels. And I get it.

But, I absolutely live for those little moments when I can sit on my couch, turn my Christmas tree lights on, and sip on a cup of coffee, petting my dogs. All year, I look forward to the calm of Christmas morning with my husband, opening gifts from each other and enjoying time together before moving on to the big celebrations.

Let’s Keep it Up

So, in 2020, let’s keep the Christmas Spirit alive. Be generous with your time and your resources all year long. Keep up the positive attitude and finding beauty everywhere you look.

Most of all, remember to take at least one quiet moment for yourself every single day. Don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that you forget to pause and live your life.

See you in 2020!

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Let’s hold onto the Christmas Spirit all through the next year.

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  1. Lisa notes

    I love those moments too when I can sit quietly and look at the lights on the Christmas tree. I need to take time to do that more often before I take it down. Thanks for this reminder to keep calm amongst the chaos.

  2. Pat

    Happy New Year! The Christmas season seemed to be so short and fly by so quickly this year, but happily I did manage to squeeze out a lot of joy form it!

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