Recipe | Crockpot Apple Pork Roast

Recipe | Crockpot Apple Pork Roast

Have you ever tried to find a low-calorie recipe for pork? It’s next to impossible!

My dad has a small hobby farm and raises pigs. As a result, I often have a freezer full of pork, ham, bacon and sausage readily available. A particular 6-pound roast has been calling my name lately, as the weather has been getting colder and colder.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I am an adult, and I get to eat whatever I want.

Yummy and unique pork roast recipe

Adjust Portion Sizes

If the goal is to eat fewer calories, or points, or just to pay closer attention to how much you’re eating, use smaller portions!

I restrict myself to a calorie budget, so fatty pork is tough for me to cook these days. My pork roast was a reminder that I can eat it . . . I just need to have a little less if I’m going to stick to my plan.

Eat More Vegetables

By loading my plate with veggies, I was still satisfied by my meal, and my calorie budget wasn’t shot for the day.

Enjoy Your Meal with a Crowd

The best part about the day, is that I had the roast in the crockpot all ready to go (and it was smelling divine!), when Hubs and I got an invite to dinner.

So, we wound up bringing the crockpot with us to share with the family. I love a spontaneous, family dinner, and I love sharing my cooking with others.

With a higher-calorie meal, knowing that others need their share makes it so much easier to take smaller portions!

Crockpot Apple Pork Roast – Make it a Low-Calorie Recipe for Pork Using These Tips

The recipe I am about to share with you is not a “skinny” recipe. It’s a low-calorie recipe for pork because the portions are small.

Enjoy it with a salad, or a healthy portion of vegetables for a full meal if your goal is to cut back on calories.

Invite over a crowd to share it with. This is a recipe with minimal effort and maximum reward. (Scroll down for recipe)

**Adapted from Everyday Good Thinking

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Yummy and unique pork roast recipe

Crockpot Apple Pork Roast

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