How I Lost 40 Pounds by Adjusting My Priorities

How I Lost 40 Pounds by Adjusting My Priorities

My weight was climbing at a rapid pace. I couldn’t go up one flight of stairs without feeling winded, and I was sick all the time. My attitude toward life in general was becoming more and more negative. I had to adjust priorities to lose weight.

I just had a horrible attitude.

It was almost like, if I wasn’t complaining about something, I was looking for something to complain about.

This was in the summer of 2015.

I had spent years telling myself that I didn’t have the time or money to become healthier. I told myself and everyone around me that I didn’t have enough time to exercise, and that I needed to focus first on saving money.

Once I had saved “enough” money, I decided, then I would put less into savings each month and put it toward purchasing healthier foods and a gym membership. Luckily, it hit me one day that I had brought all this weight gain and poor attitude onto myself.

Right then and there, I decided that something had to change and I was the only person who could make that change happen.

When you adjust your priorities, your situation will shift as you begin to see it in a new light.

Improving my attitude truly changed my life.

Adjust Priorities to Lose Weight

Once I realized that my own attitude was exactly what was holding me back from living the life I wanted, I made an adjustment.

When I felt bad about myself, I reminded myself that I had put my body in this position. I reminded myself that I had the power to make it right again.

Manage Your Money

After I made this decision, and changed the story I told myself and the world, suddenly I was able to afford to spend more money on groceries. And while I didn’t wind up needing to pay for a gym membership, I did find that I had the money to pay a personal trainer for an hour session every week.

By adjusting priorities to lose weight, I realized I could do all of this while still setting money aside in savings.

I didn’t get a huge raise that day, and I didn’t take a second job. I simply prioritized healthy habits and directed my funds in that direction instead of toward the unhealthy habits that my hard-earned money had been funding previously.

Manage Your Time

Next, I took control of my time. I began waking up earlier and using that time for exercise and meal planning. Plus, I was spending that hour every week with Steve (my personal trainer).

I began practicing the habit of weekly meal prepping, which can be difficult to perfect. When I first started, the process was usually 3-4 hours on Sunday.

You can always make time for something if it is important enough to you.

Be Patient

I saw small results almost immediately, and that really kept me going.

The first thing to change was my attitude. I rapidly re-found my Zest for Life, and I complained less.

Next, as I had begun to make a point of always taking the stairs, I noticed that they were becoming easier to tackle.

After about a month, I started to see results with my weight loss. And after two months, people around me began to take notice, too.

Once you make the decision to prioritize your health, it may not be easy to start, but I promise: If you slowly ease into new habits and routines while you adjust priorities to lose weight, you will never look back.

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Improving my attitude truly changed my life.

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