6 Things to Do (and 1 not to do) to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself Today

6 Things to Do (and 1 not to do) to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself Today

We all have those days every once in a while. You know . . . One of those days where you just feel like the ugliest, stupidest person who ever walked the planet, and just don’t know how to feel better about yourself.

Nine times out of ten when I have a day like that, I just wake up feeling that way for no good reason. Occasionally, though, something will happen over the course of the day that gets me there. Either way, it’s a bad place to wallow for too long.

While external circumstances can impact self-confidence, I’ve found that even on the toughest days, it can be boosted with a little focus and determination.

We all have those days once in a while. One of those days where you just feel like the ugliest, stupidest person who ever walked the planet.

How to Feel Better About Yourself: Wear Something That Makes You Feel Great

It’s important to be sure you have at least one outfit that you know you look great in all the time. Stitch Fix has been huge for me in this area, especially since my size has fluctuated so much over the past couple of years.

I swear, this woman in some other part of the country who has never met or seen me in person is better at picking out clothes to fit me just right than I am in a fitting room.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it really does live up to all the hype. Totally worth it. Because of Stitch Fix, I have a couple of those great, go-to outfits.

Avoid Junk Food

When you feel like crap, it’s really tempting to eat like crap, too.

I don’t know about you, but when I do that I wind up feeling worse about myself when I’m done. There is a time and a place for junk food, don’t get me wrong. But, when I find myself having an attitude of “I may as well just eat a whole sleeve of girl scout cookies. It won’t make a difference, I’m fat and ugly already,” I’m entering into dangerous territory.

When you feel like crap, fill yourself up with nutrient-dense foods that make you feel good about the way you’re treating your body. Treat yourself to a fillet of salmon, or a juicy steak and savor every single bite. By the end of the meal, it’s hard not to feel great about yourself.

Do Something You Know You’re Good At

At my 9-5, I wear many hats and get to be involved in several different areas of expertise. Some tasks (usually involving numbers) I’m able to do well, but they take a lot more effort and I get frustrated and down on myself easily.

Other tasks (usually involving helping others) come naturally to me. I’m able to fly through these types of tasks with ease and experience the positivity of a job well-done more immediately.

If I’m having one of those days where it just feels like I can’t do anything right, I shift my focus to those more natural tasks for a bit. This really boosts my self-confidence so I can go into the tougher jobs feeling ready to tackle anything.

Get in Some Light Exercise

There’s nothing like a walk or some light stretching (okay, or 15 minutes on the punching bag, let’s be honest) to re-center your thoughts.

Spend Time with the Right People

Feeling down on yourself because of something someone said? When others are involved, it can really get you wondering how to feel better about yourself, if someone else doesn’t even feel great about you.

Maybe that person isn’t worth being around. When self-confidence plummets, look around you and see what kind of conversations you’re having with family and friends. The people you should be prioritizing your time with are the ones who encourage, compliment and praise you more than they criticize you.

Having a particularly down day? Make a coffee or dinner date with one of those awesome peeps and soak up the positivity!

Avoid Social Media

Social media is a dangerous place to go if you’re feeling down on yourself. All it does is make it worse.

There are too many people out there showing the best side of their lives, leaving you to feel worse about your own average life, and compare yourself to them.

Oh yeah, speaking of . . .

Don’t Make Comparisons

The only person worth comparing yourself to is “Yesterday You.”

Take Ownership of Your Attitude

No matter the circumstances that get you to that nasty “not good enough” feeling, it’s important to get out of it as soon as possible. It doesn’t only make your life miserable, that kind of a mood has a way of overtaking everyone in the room and that’s never a good thing.

The second you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, do what you can right away to get control of your mood and boost it the best you can.

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We all have those days once in a while. One of those days where you just feel like the ugliest, stupidest person who ever walked the planet.

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  1. Linda Kleppe-Olson

    And I was just going to have some cookies! Not now…I have gained quite a bit of weight (8 pounds) . It has been a really bad summer. Lost two people who were family to me, and a partner whose dementia is getting worse, so all good reasons to “wallow”, but you are so right! That helps no one..Thank you thank you.!!

    1. Amanda

      I know it’s been a tough one for you, Grandma. I love you so, so much, more than you know, and I’m glad this can be even a little helpful.

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