Recipe | Chicken Fajita & Quinoa Soup

Recipe | Chicken Fajita & Quinoa Soup

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” ~David Allen

I am all about going into each day as prepared as possible. But, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

When life becomes overwhelming . . . Delegate anything possible!

I Was Totally Prepared

Yesterday, I followed through on my preparedness. I had written out both the recipe I wanted to make and my grocery list for the week. (I’ll be honest, I like to shop on Friday evenings because that’s when my local grocery store does free wine tasting!)

Sometimes, Scheduling is Out of Our Control

I went to work yesterday morning feeling on top of world after having over-slept but still utilizing my morning to the fullest.

Then, things got a little crazy.

We were slammed at work all day and I even wound up staying a little late.

Find a Way to Delegate, If Needed

Luckily, Hubs has Fridays off from work! So, I sent him my grocery list and let him know where he could find my dinner recipe, and he made our yummy dinner last night.

What a guy!!

We both loved this soup, it’s definitely a keeper. This one was even easy to convert to a gluten-free option which is an added bonus.

I can’t control  everything, but I can control my response when things don’t go as expected.

In this case, I knew exactly what needed to be done, and the supplies I needed to make it happen. This made delegation a simple option for me and Hubs.

Plus, we wound up with a pretty awesome dinner out of the deal!

Chicken Fajita & Quinoa Soup

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