Ideas for Your Next No-Spend, All-Fun Weekend

Ideas for Your Next No-Spend, All-Fun Weekend

When you’re working toward a savings goal, it can feel like you never get to have any fun. Add in an extra layer of health goals too, and suddenly it may seem like you’ll never have fun again. The thing is, you just get a little more creative. It’s totally possible to have a great time at home and still maintain healthy habits, without breaking the bank. You just need to know what to do during a no-spend weekend.

“A solid foundation is what allows you to propel yourself to greater heights!”

~Derick Van Ness
Working toward a huge savings goal and feel like you’ll never have a fun weekend again? Here are a few low- and no-cost ideas to get you through the weekend!

Host a Barbeque

Call a few of your closest friends and family, swing into your favorite butcher shop and fire up the grill! Hosting a casual potluck can easily cost less than a dinner out, and you get to spend time with the people you love.

On top of that, you get a little control over the menu and can make sure there are healthy options available.

Have a Backyard Bonfire

You don’t have to have company to hang around by a backyard fire. Make sure there isn’t a burn ban in your county first. Once you’re sure it’s safe, light a fire in your backyard fire pit and enjoy!

There’s something mesmerizing about sitting next to a fire, enjoying a good cup of coffee and a book or great conversation with your family.

Play with Your Dog

Throw a ball for your dog, point a laser pointer at the wall for your cat, or take your teacup pig for a stroll. Your pets want nothing more than to spend time with you. Devote some of your free time to them and everyone wins.

Let Your Kids Decide

I don’t have kids myself, but I have a lot of experience with kids. Some of the best days I can remember are days I babysat and let the kids decide what we would do that day (especially if I said “no phones, iPads, computers or TV!!”).

Kids’ imaginations are limitless and they can’t stand to be bored. They’ll come up with ideas ranging from board games, to trampoline jumping, to science experiments in a book they bought at the book fair last year that had been all but forgotten.

Plant Some Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry bushes are simple to maintain (so long as you can keep the birds away), and provide hours of activity and healthy eating for years to come.

Not only will you keep busy on planting day, over the years as the bushes begin to yield berries, you’ll keep busy with picking blueberries, preserving them in the freezer and in jams, finding recipes for smoothies, muffins and everything else blueberry and testing the recipes out.

Start Thinking Outside the Box if You Don’t Know What to do During a No-Spend Weekend

Some of the best memories are made at home and don’t cost a dime. This is just a tiny list of ideas to get you started on thinking of what do to during a no-spend weekend.

Let me know in the comments what fun, creative ways you were able to enjoy a no-spend weekend.

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Working toward a huge savings goal and feel like you’ll never have a fun weekend again? Here are a few low- and no-cost ideas to get you through the weekend!

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