How much of your typical day do you spend outdoors?
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Making This 1 Change to Your Daily Routine Could Drastically Improve Your Health

“It’s opener there in the wide open air.”

Dr. Seuss

How much of your typical day do you spend outdoors? Would you believe that the average American spends only 7% of their day outside? This is something we all need to take ownership of in our own lives and increase significantly.

Time spent outdoors is good for your overall wellbeing.

How much of your typical day do you spend outdoors?

It’s Good for Your Body

We all know that the sun provides our body with vitamin D. I don’t know about you, but I never realized just how essential vitamin D is! We need it for bone growth and for immune system regulation.

A vitamin D boost isn’t all the Great Outdoors can do for your body, though. One study has shown that simply spending time in nature wards off feelings of exhaustion and increases energy levels. I’ll happily take a dose of outdoor time with my morning coffee!

It’s Good for Your Mind

Brain benefits of quality time with Mother Nature are bountiful! Benefits include improved memory, stress relief and better brain function.

Research shows that those who spend more time outside report improved mental clarity, and higher levels of concentration and creativity.

It’s Good for Your Spirit

To top it all off, spending time outdoors is linked to general happiness. Our moods naturally shift to optimism when we spend time outside, and time in nature can reduce your risk of developing or even improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

What’s not to love?!

It’s Good for YOU

For our own health’s sake, we’ve got to increase the amount of time we spend outdoors each day! This can be as simple as taking your dog for a longer walk, or relocating an activity outside that you would normally do inside (like reading, eating your lunch, or making phone calls).

Getting outdoors has been proven time and time again to improve overall health in so many ways. How will you boost your percentage today?

How much of your typical day do you spend outdoors?

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