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Practicing Gratitude for Weight Loss

“I can see clear when I’m looking in the mirror, saying God made me just right!  I love me, I love me.” ~Meghan Trainor


In 2015 I had a photo taken of me during a ferry ride that I had no idea would later become my "before" picture. Exactly one year after, I took another ferry ride just to capture a photo in the dress I had bought to reward myself for 40 pounds lost.


So often, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see only what we don’t like. When I first began my journey with wellness, it was more out of disgust than anything. I would look at myself in the mirror and think, “Look at that double chin, and that big, flabby stomach. I need to fix my body so I can be happy with myself.”

Once I began working with my trainer, Steve, he taught me that I would see more success by being thankful for the progress I made each day.


Focus on What You Like About Yourself

I was hesitant at first, feeling that my anger had been a tool used to work out harder and resist junk foods. But, I gave it a try anyway.


I began making a point of spending time (honestly probably about 20 seconds) each day looking at myself in the mirror and focusing on what I did like.


During this time, I focused on areas where I had seen improvements since working towards physical fitness (my legs), and on areas that I had liked all along (my hair).


Show Your Body Gratitude by Caring for It

As usual, Steve was right! By focusing on the positives, I found that I was beginning each day feeling more confident.


By allowing myself to feel grateful for this body that I am in (and that I must live with for the rest of my life), I found myself feeling happy about making healthy choices to care for this body.


This was a nice change of pace from feeling that each choice I made should be a punishment for my past choices.


Listen to Positive Music

Later, I came across the song “I Love Me” by Meghan Trainor. I now like to listen to this song just about every morning as I begin my day for a fun and joyous reminder of how important it is to care for myself.


Practice Every Day

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, now is a wonderful time to begin a practice of daily gratitude. Be thankful for your loved ones. Be thankful for the possessions you have.


Above all of these, remember to be thankful for yourself.

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