How the Miracle Morning Changed My Life in 6 Minutes

How the Miracle Morning Changed My Life in 6 Minutes

Anyone can become a morning person with simple changes to habits and attitude.

In Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning, he describes his daily morning routine, and how it came to be.

The intention of this morning routine is to begin your day with the completion of six of the most important items that most successful people do daily. He makes the routine easy to remember by referring to the actions as your Life SAVERS:

  1. Silence (Meditation)
  2. Affirmations
  3. Visualization
  4. Exercise
  5. Read
  6. Scribe (Journal)

The idea is to wake up one hour earlier than you have to in order to complete your SAVERS, but it may be helpful to ease into it by beginning with six minutes early (allowing one minute to work on each item).

“Those who only do what they feel like… don’t do much. To be successful at anything you must take action even when you don’t feel like it, knowing that the action itself will produce the motivation you need to follow through.”~Hal Elrod

The health benefits of becoming a morning person.

1. Silence

Prior to the Miracle Morning, meditation was something I didn’t know was missing from my life. Taking a moment each morning to focus on my breaths, listen to the birds chirping outside, and just check in with myself gets each day started on a peaceful note. It’s easier to become a morning person when the morning isn’t hectic.

2. Affirmations

For me, affirmations are a major component of my weight loss strategy. It’s important to me that I feel worthy of the body I am working so hard for. Positive affirmations are little, daily reminders that I do deserve it.

3. Visualization

Taking a little time to picture myself meeting my goals gave me the confidence to keep moving forward. I could picture myself at my favorite store, shopping around for new, smaller clothing. I could see myself crossing the finish line of a half marathon. On Pinterest, I created a private vision board, where I could post a few images of completed goals when I was feeling a little less creative, but usually I can just close my eyes and imagine.

4. Exercise

For me, exercise was the most important piece of my Miracle Morning. This was the aspect I spent the most time on while working toward my weight loss goals. Adding time to my day to complete my workout before I even started the work day was a game changer.

5. Reading

After reading The Slight EdgeI’d already made it my personal mission to spend a little time each day reading. Now, I was creating time in my day to get it done (which meant it was actually happening every day!)

6. Scribe

I’ve never been one for journaling. I remember buying journals as a teenager thinking this would be the one I would finally fill, and it never was. The Miracle Morning changed that for me! Having a dedicated space to record my successes & my challenges as I worked so hard to reach these huge goals spurred me forward. Plus, they are fun to look back at!

7. Other Surprise Benefits When You Become a Morning Person

When I first read this book in October 2015, I had been working hard to fit affirmations, exercise, reading and journaling into my daily routine. This often kept me up late into the night and was cutting into the time I had available to complete regular household tasks.

WOW! Suddenly, my evenings were free again!

I was beginning every day feeling accomplished, healthy and motivated to continue with this momentum through the rest of the workday.

The Miracle Morning has changed my life. Since I have become a morning person and begun this routine, I have become more organized, more focused on my goals, and have gained self-confidence I never had before.

I have met several goals because the Miracle Morning has ensured that I never had an excuse to miss my daily walk, to journal about my successes and milestones, or to read good books to keep educating myself.

On top of all that, since I don’t hit the snooze button all morning, I am able to ensure that I feed myself a healthy, daily breakfast. This sets the tone for continued healthy food choices all day long.

Pick up a copy of The Miracle Morning and start tomorrow! Tell me in the comments how adding the Life SAVERS to your morning routine will improve your life.

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The health benefits of becoming a morning person.

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