Looking for Life Motivation and Trying to Have it All?

Aren’t we all? I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to the find way to be the best friend, daughter, wife, sister and employee . . . all while striving to achieve (and maintain) the perfect body.

The only place all that trying and striving has gotten me is stressed out, emotionally drained, and too exhausted to be the best at anything.

No one is ever going to be perfect at everything in life, so why do we all keep trying so hard to be?

Instead of worrying so much about what everyone else thinks, it’s time we women start spending more time worrying about caring for ourselves. That’s not always glamorous, but it’s the best starting point to achieving anything in life.

Since 2016, I’ve been publicly sharing my journey with total wellbeing to create a roadmap for you to do the same. Every week, I share a new tip or insight to my blog, and an update on my personal journey to my newsletter in hopes that my own experiences will provide the life motivation another woman has been looking for.

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Join me on this journey to a Healthy Motivated Life by sharing your own experiences. Together, we can learn and accomplish so much more.

Positive Feedback

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“It’s so important to find what works for you and it’s not the same for everyone, is it? Great thoughts and suggestions here!” ~Donna Reidland

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